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Jim is well versed in local elections laws.
He has extensive experience in land use, development and public finance law.
He regularly assists clients in finding solutions to their particular finance challenges.

William J. “Jim” Priest represents public agencies as of counsel in the Municipal Law practice group of Best Best & Krieger LLP. Operating out of the firm’s Ontario office, he provides both general and special counsel services to many cities, counties, special districts and other clients. Jim’s particular areas of practice includes local elections, public finance, land use and ethics law.
Election Law
Jim is well versed in local election laws, running the gamut from initiative, referendum, vacancy and recall procedures, to political reform/campaign finance, to election recounts and contests. He devotes much of his time to helping clients comply with the California Voting Rights Act and the California Voter Participation Rights Act (Senate Bill 415) – laws that often require public agencies to change the timing and means by which they elect representatives (from at-large to by-district elections). He is also one of the firm’s go-to legal advisors for clients that elect officers by-district and must, therefore, go through the “redistricting” process triggered by the 2020 U.S. Census.

He has worked with dozens of public agencies throughout the State on other local election issues – ranging from charter amendments to tax measures to land use elections. He is also experienced in many types of local tax, assessment and fee/rate setting procedures under Propositions 13, 62, 218 and 26 (which often require an election or similar approval process).He regularly assists clients in finding solutions to their particular financial challenges, whether through local tax measures, property assessments, utility rates or other revenue sources.
Municipal Planning
Jim has extensive experience in land use and development law. He is general counsel to the Palm Springs Planning Commission, recently assisting the City in drafting proposed golf course redevelopment rules as well as a comprehensive update to its historic preservation ordinance.
During his 12 years of service for the City of Covina, he served as general counsel to its Planning Commission and assisted the City with a variety of high-profile downtown development projects, including the Heritage Plaza Park, the Metrolink and Civic Center Parking Structures, City Ventures’ “Covina 2” and “Covina 3” projects, and the Olson Company’s “Vintage Walk” and “Citrus Walk” mixed-use developments.

He also assisted the City of Azusa in developing public parking facilities for its Metro Gold Line train stations as well as forming a dedicated joint powers authority, which will long-term manage more than 200 acres of undeveloped hillside property overlooking the City for conservation purposes.

As part of his municipal practice, Jim frequently advises clients on issues regarding the State Planning and Zoning Law, Subdivision Map Act, Brown Act, Public Records Act and similar laws.
Jim returned to BB&K after spending several years with Oliver, Sandifer and Murphy in Los Angeles, where he served as assistant city attorney for the cities of Gardena and Downey. During his prior tenure with BB&K, he served many public agencies, including the cities of Fontana and Ontario, as well as the March Joint Powers Authority.


  • California
  • Illinois


  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale, J.D.
  • University of California, Los Angeles, B.A., social psychology, cum laude
Election Law Resource Center

Election Law Resource Center

BB&K’s Election Law Resource Center gives California cities the Vote of Confidence they need to ensure legal compliance with all aspects of local elections. This unique service includes:

  • A digital copy of BB&K’s Election Law Toolkit
  • ​Email and telephone hotline

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