Client Successes Nov 18, 2019

BB&K Prevails on Summary Judgment, Ensuring Drinking Water Access to Residents

Attorneys Christopher Deal and Christina Morgan Represented Real Property Buyers

Best Best & Krieger LLP  clients purchased two parcels of real property. The clients’ residence was on one parcel and a well was on the other. The well was the sole water source for the clients’ remote desert home. The well parcel is entirely surrounded by another landowner. The previous owner of the clients’ residence did not have any difficulty accessing the well. However, with the change of ownership, the neighbor whose property surrounded the well parcel became hostile and blocked the clients’ access to the well.
On behalf of its clients, BB&K attorneys Christopher Deal and Christina Morgan filed suit to quiet title to the well parcel and to determine the parties’ rights to the well. During the course of litigation, the firm was able to gather sufficient evidence to justify the award of summary judgment in its clients’ favor. The Riverside Superior Court determined that the well parcel belonged to the clients, that the neighbor had no interest in the well parcel, and that the neighbor could not block the clients’ access to, or use of, the well.
As a result of this ruling, the clients have been able to secure access to drinking water at their residence and guarantee access into the future.

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